The global agricultural industry is faced with tremendous opportunities for growth and is positioned for growth worldwide. Demand for fresh foods sourced from all corners of the globe is being driven by the growing middle class with a desire to experience new flavors and better-quality food.  Additionally, increasing consumer awareness of food options is driving consumer choices and is fueled by the unprecedented amount of information available on the web.

Growers, producers, and processors must be positioned to take advantage of these opportunities to grow in this dynamic market place. Del Sur Services professionals have extensive experience in assisting clients navigate through these changing times and emerge more nimble and stronger through the variety of professional consulting services we provide.

We understand the regulatory and economic trends that impact the industry and have a proven track record across a vast array of business sectors in the agricultural industry, from farming operations, along the supply chain, to the end consumer.

25 years of experience

Strategy Development

Del Sur Services brings substantial experience to the diversified agricultural sector, in particular the fresh fruit and vegetable category. Over the years we have advised leading players across the Americas on a range of strategic, commercial and operational issues. We understand the unique dynamics and economics of agricultural markets across the industry supply chain, as well as the critical issues and challenges facing operators seeking to grow and elevate their performance.

Our deep understanding of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector has garnered us expertise and growth strategy development capabilities which enable us to deliver unique insights that lead to meaningful impact for our clients.


Del Sur has worked with a unique variety of companies across the agriculture value chain to develop action oriented plans that help our clients achieve superior results. We work alongside clients to anticipate potential industry game-changers, apply a differentiated point of view on agricultural trends and opportunities, and build proven, successful business plans for agricultural companies.

Del Sur Services help leaders in Agribusiness through the planning process to find new answers to today's industry challenges such as:

How to attain or improve access to markets and customers How to secure reliable commodity supplies through meaningful partnerships How to adjust to and manage uncertainty Where to position your company within the value/supply chain How to build organization and operational capabilities to support new strategies How to diversify or specialize along commodities and services

P & L Strategies

Good financial planning and decision making allows you to make good business decisions, leading to improved profitability and good return on capital.

Agricultural businesses large or small can benefit from Del Sur Services wide range of management services including:

Focusing on improved profitability, Business plan preparation, Account analysis to highlight strengths and weaknesses, Analysis focusing on Cost Of Production with solutions Performance bench-marking and comparative analysis, New customer acquisition, cost analysis and Supply Chain analysis


The fresh fruit and vegetable segment of the agricultural industry is a challenging one. Agribusinesses are routinely required to confront daily operating costs while still delivering high quality and safe products that customers want but are often unwilling to accept higher prices.

Finding sustainable solutions to these cost reduction challenges requires smart solutions to overcome the rise in domestic and foreign competition, increasing regulations and environmental concerns, and the vastness of scale in which the industry operates.

Del Sur consultants have a the broad knowledge base, market intelligence, and strategic sourcing expertise required to assist our clients in securing savings opportunities in their direct and indirect procurement categories. Following an initial analysis for the organization, Del Sur offers an overarching view of where a business’

spend is allocated before offering custom sourcing initiatives catering to the needs of the company and it's customers. Promoting tactical buying practices and forward-looking strategic cost initiatives allows fresh fruit and vegetable firms to improve their performance metrics, now and in the future.