For Restaurants



The fresh fruit and vegetable segment of the agricultural industry is a challenging one. Agribusinesses are routinely required to confront daily operating costs while still delivering high quality and safe products that customers want but are often unwilling to accept higher prices.

Finding sustainable solutions to these cost reduction challenges requires smart solutions to overcome the rise in domestic and foreign competition, increasing regulations and environmental concerns, and the vastness of scale in which the industry operates.

Del Sur consultants have the broad knowledge base, market intelligence, and strategic sourcing expertise required to assist our clients in securing savings opportunities in their direct and indirect procurement categories. Following an initial analysis for the organization, Del Sur offers an overarching view of where a business’ spend is allocated before offering custom sourcing initiatives catering to the needs of the company and its customers. Promoting tactical buying practices and forward-looking strategic cost initiatives allows fresh fruit and vegetable firms to improve their performance metrics, now and in the future.

Supply Chain Management

Among the many areas of expertise Del Sur Services provides is Supply Chain Management consulting services. Whether you are an operator or a supplier, Del Sur empowers companies to use their supply chain as a powerful asset in meeting the demands of business today. We help companies adapt to dynamic environments and go beyond the near-term to build a roadmap towards long-term capabilities that will sustain your competitive advantage.

With Del Sur Services:

  • We will help you tackle the toughest supply chain strategies
  • Source and recommend cutting-edge technology
  • We will help you create performance indicators that deliver sustained results over time

Supplier Contracts

Regional, seasonal, or local we connect our customers to the right growers specific to our client’s business needs. We leverage our client’s volume to position contracts at the strength of the client’s needs. The needs could be one of many, food safety, assured supply, Act of God protection, or price. Del Sur Services manages the turbulent market changes and advises on a weekly basis where to be prices and which growing regions to be sourcing from. Our experience has been with the largest QSR’s in the world to the smallest new up and coming casual dining concepts. We can cover all of your fresh produce commodities with connections at the grower level in a vast pull of different global commodities. We have sat on both sides of the table which is unique to Del Sur Services. We can design and implement private label programs or supplier ID programs (stickers unique to the client) along with our grower ID technology.